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Greetings, My name is Kimberly. I have been in the health and beauty industry for over 25 years. I love my career and can not imagine myself doing anything different. I wanted to name my clinic Kimber*Love, after my dearly beloved neice Andrea. (she adopted me when she was just 3yrs. old) When Andrea was a beautiful little girl, one day she said to me "I'm gonna call you,........ Kimber." And so she did.... And then, so did her sisters.... and then, so did her Uncles, only they called me "Kimberlove". And it stuck. Although we've lost our dearest Andrea, to this very day my neices still call me Kimberlove. 

 At 19, I recieved my very first massage and thought "What a cool job this would be". With a few leaps of faith, I landed in the right place at the right time. So,this is where I began my career shadowing a master massage therapist in Anchorage Alaska. Fast forward, moving to Las Vegas in 1999, I took a clinical massage course at Northwest Health Careers, and went on to earn my National Certification with the NCBTMB. (National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork) in 2001. 

in 2007, wanting to broaden my horizons, I got interested cosmetic tattooing. I went to San Antonio, TX. to recieve top of the line training by world renouned Tattoo artist, Terry Lively.  After working in the industry doing eyeliner and eyebrows, lip liners and beauty marks, I got involved in theatrical make up and I decided to go to Esthetic school so I could market my services to plastic surgeons who specialize in facial plastic surgery & breast reconstruction. Now, I donate my time and services to breast cancer survivors as a way of giving back to the universe for blessing me with a talent and a passion to help others. In the process I discovered that I love the skincare aspect of esthetics as well, so I opened a concierge clinic right here in Carlsbad Ca. A place I find both healing and inspiring. I have always had a strong desire to to gain knowledge and continue my education when ever the opportunity arises. I want to thank you kindly for considering makng me a part of your beauty and wellness.