I offer a variety of hair removal methods. The most comon is waxing. Typically I do not suggest waxing the facial areas. I have found thru years of waxing my own facial areas, the continous waxing of such delicate skin, produces an accelerated breakdown of collegen, causing pre-mature aging. As an alternative to facial waxing, I offer facial threadding at no extra cost.

LIP, BROW, CHIN,                                   $12

BROW MAKEOVER                                $20

ARM HALF                                             $15

ARM FULL                                             $25

LEG HALF                                              $5

EG FULL                                              $35

BASIC BIKINI                                          $20

BRAZIL BIKINI                                        $30

BACK                                                     $40

BASIC TRIM                                           $30 & UP

THREADDING FULL FACE                     $30